Eco-behavioral Assessment

tow-friendship-101For many, the holiday season that is upon us will be spent socializing with far-flung family and friends, so we thought it appropriate this week’s FREE tool focus on social skills! We’ve got a quick, 4-step how-to guide for how to assess social skills according to setting. The authors call this an “eco-behavioral assessment” and stress its importance for developing targeted social skills for students with developmental disabilities or autism spectrum disorder. The tool comes from the CEC book, Friendship 101: Helping Students Build Social Competence. We’re proud to say that Arizona CEC picked this book as a “Best Fall Pick” for its online book study. And it’s no wonder! The book recognizes the centrality of friendship to all aspects of student development, offering strategies on a multitude of topics from assessments, to play, to the development of peer networks. The eco-behavioral assessment is just a starting point!

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