Talk about ELs

If you work with English learners (ELs), this week’s FREE tool is for you! ELs come to school from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a broad range of experiences. It’s important to recognize these differences and to also see the strengths of bilingualism. This week’s tool is a table detailing the different types of ELs—from simultaneous bilinguals to long-term ELs, to newcomers. As a bonus, we’ve included a table containing the kinds of statements that can inadvertently communicate a negative view of bilingualism. Both tables come from “English Language Learners: Differentiating Between Language Acquisition and Learning Disabilities,” an excellent resource for helping teachers understand the typical characteristics of language acquisition so they don’t mistake them for learning disabilities. CEC’s Tool of the Week is a free resource designed to support you in your special education practice. Subscribe and it’ll be automatically delivered to your inbox!  Get your Tool of the Week.


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